Charlie loves …

We absolutely love Boscastle pre-school and would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone.

When we drop Charlie off in the morning there are never any tears and he’s so excited to start the days play and also when it’s home time he’s having so much fun that he’s always reluctant to leave. We love hearing tales of play in the valley, building campfires (note – specially designed on a raised area so they cannot fall in or burn themselves – Auntie Lyn) and cooking on it, building tents,  learning about growing plants and vegetables and caring for the school guinea pigs and stick insects.

Parents are encouraged to communicate on a daily basis and also by using the home diary and we have never felt uncomfortable discussing any concerns we may have.

We particularly like Boscastle preschool as opposed to a childminder as he is engaged 100% of the time and doesn’t end up doing everyday chores such as visiting the supermarket, watching TV or spending quantities of time in the car. We also like the fact that we know exactly where he is and who he is with. We also feel confident that he will not be let down for child care as you would with a child minder if they or their children were ill.

The staff at Boscastle Preschool are amazing, they are all so wonderful with the children and interested in what they have to say. The children’s opinion is treated as important and they are treated as individuals in a respectful, nurturing and caring way.

Absolutely love Boscastle pre-school