Shay’s Story

It is a funny story and you wouldn’t believe it, but it’s true!

Shay is our three year old son , our bundle of joy, naughty and cute all wrapped up in one blue eyed, blond haired adventurous bundle. He started nursery school when he was 2 1/2 ,  a bit early maybe but he needed the stimulation. He used to go to “another” nursery school from Monday to Thursday and to Boscastle Play School on Friday. It was a strict, regimental week, until Fridays came along and Shay would be up and ready before anyone else. He would be stand by my bed and yell “Auntie Lyn, I GO BOSCASTLE!” On Monday to Thursday he would cry and cling to me and it was terrible when he would shout at me to take him to “BOSCASTLE” and “AUNTIE LYN” in front of the shocked staff!

When we decided he would go to Boscastle full time, little Shay beamed from ear to ear and he is still grinning.

Boscastle ROCKS!

A funny story - Boscastle ROCKS! Boscastle Playschool