It is a funny story and you wouldn’t believe it, but it’s true!

Shay is our three year old son , our bundle of joy, naughty and cute all wrapped up in one blue eyed, blond haired adventurous bundle. He started nursery school when he was 2 1/2 ,  a bit early maybe but he needed the stimulation. He u… Read more

A funny story - Boscastle ROCKS!https://boscastleplayschool.co.uk/testimonial/shays-story/ Boscastle Playschool

We chose Boscastle because they have friends there and the setting is lovely. The atmosphere is happy and all the children appear confident.

The activities are brilliant too. We have taken advantage of the holiday club several times – they love it!

I feel very happy leaving Otis for a long day, whic… Read more

We have chosen to send our daughter to Boscastle Playschool for the high continued level of care she receives and brilliant facilities they have on offer.

The staff provide a happy, relaxed environment for toddlers to learn, play and build their confidence, in a tranquil setting which makes Boscastl… Read more

Boscastle Play School has proven to be the perfect place for our daughters to attend. We started going to the weekly Stay & Play sessions originally, which were a great resource for us all. I enjoyed coming as it meant you could meet and share (and make friends!) with other parents in the area but a… Read more

We absolutely love Boscastle pre-school and would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone.

When we drop Charlie off in the morning there are never any tears and he’s so excited to start the days play and also when it’s home time he’s having so much fun that he’s always reluctant to leave. We lo… Read more

Absolutely love Boscastle pre-school https://boscastleplayschool.co.uk/testimonial/charlie-loves/Boscastle